Evening Star Resurrection Symbolism

While most scholars of Greek mythology would interpret Persephone as a personification of the seasons and Spring renewal, it is more deeply a story about eating entheogenic plants and journeying into the mind to seek knowledge. Ancient mythology is filled with tales of philosophers journeying into the Underworld to find Persephone (a.k.a. "Kore") who offers them her Apple of Knowledge. It is important to realize that for the Greeks, the Underworld was deep inside the mind - not under the ground or in a fiery Hell.

Indeed, Persephone dies only temporarily after having eaten seven seeds from a pomegranate while Snow White dies temporarily after meeting seven dwarves (who work underground in a mine) and eating a "poisoned" apple. Persephone is then resurrected by her mother Demeter while in the Grimm tale the apple is jarred from Snow White's throat while being carried away by a prince (not by a kiss).

In both cases, the pomegranate or apple represents an entheogenic plant, which when eaten kills the ego, "casts a spell" and "abducts" the heroine into the Underworld of the mind. The effects eventually wear off and she returns to life. This "born again" story is then extended to the renewal of the Earth in Spring and resurrection of the Evening Star as the Morning Star.

The "fairest in the land" theme in the Grimm tale is then taken from the story of Eris (goddess of discord) throwing a golden apple into the council of Hera, Athena and Aphrodite. Judged by the Trojan mortal Paris, Aphrodite was declared the most beautiful, bringing about the Trojan War. Of course, Aphrodite was the Morning Star personality of Venus just as Persephone was the Evening Star. For the Grimm brothers, Snow White Persephone was being reborn through strife as the beautiful Snow White Aphrodite.

Similar stories can be found throughout history, including the Garden of Eden story of Genesis. Here the Apple of Knowledge offers enlightenment, but brings only strife. In the end, Snow White is really a tale about the simultaneous awakening and disillusionment entheogenic experiences are said to bring.