Amurru and Yammu (Yahu)

Photo: The flying serpent god Amaru as depicted by the indigenous department of Peru in Junin.

Compare this now with the Amorite god Amurru who was a storm/ lightning/ mountain god worshipped prior to 1200 BC. Scholars associate Amurru with the Hebrew Yammu (Yahu or Yahweh) and more anciently the Vedic sky god Varuna (see link in comments). His epitaphs described him as the 'thunderer" and "hurler of the thunderbolt.'

We might now understand these two gods as originating in the Rig-Veda from Varuna. Varuna was associated with the naga serpents (flying on a crocodile) and the sea, like both Amaru and Amurru. He lived in the sky at the top of Meru next to Indra, who were considered brothers and the day-night personas of the Sun and sky.**

This and other evidence, such as pyramidal temple building, point to the strong probability that the religion of Native America was delivered via transatlantic voyages. These voyages could have occurred over 3,200 years ago, delivered by Phoenician sailors who also worshipped Amaru.

* When greeting the Spanish Conquistadors, the natives along the Mosquito Coast were asked where they found the gold for their jewelry. They pointed to the Amerrique mountains along the coast of Nicaragua, named after Amaru who they believed lived on the summit.

** The ancient name for Egypt was To-Mera and the Great Pyramid was named M'R or Mera, a derivation of the Vedic Mount Meru. The incense used to embalm was of course myrrh.