Vedic Key Symbolism

We can understand this symbol as a kind of astrotheological fertility invocation, requesting the blessing and protection of the Vedic Sun-Venus-Moon Trinity. In the Rig-Veda, Vena is described as hovering over and protecting Meru. For the Greeks, this became Athena as the protector of the Parthenon on the Acropolis mount. In Rome, she became Minerva who protected the Pantheon. Indeed, the Piazza della Minerva near the Pantheon derives its name from a temple dedicated to Minerva that was once built on the site by Pompey.

As for Washington D.C., the Columbian goddess of Virginia and Maryland is being invoked by the tower-like city plan to protect the new republic. Like the Roman Minerva, this goddess corresponds to the Morning and Evening Stars of Venus - the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene, the latter of which translates as the woman of the Magdala or Meru tower.

While the White House, Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial form the foundation of the tower (emerging from the sea or "mer"), the two houses of Congress are located at the heavenly summit on Capitol Hill. This represents male-female (Sun-Venus) fertility and the celestial intercourse or "congress" of the gods. The waters of the National Mall form the Axis Mundi or World Axis stretching from the Egyptian obelisk to Capitol Hill. Here again we have a male-female fertility symbolism whose design is cognate with the sacrificial yupa pole used in the Vedic ascension ceremony.*

The U.S. Senate and House of Representatives are thus cognate with solar deities - all worshipping the Columbian goddess (Minerva/Athena/Vena) found as the Romanesque Statue of Freedom at the top of the Vedic stupa rotunda of the Capitol building. Directly underneath this is the Apotheosis of Washington painted on the ceiling of the dome, showing George Washington ascending to heaven surrounded by a litany of Venusian goddesses. You see, Venus has always held the key to heaven and immortality.

* NOTE: The yupa pole was the forerunner of the Christian cross. A circular "wheaten wheel" with cross spokes was placed at the top of the pole. It was named the Sun Door. In this way, the yupa pole was the path up the tower to heaven and so unlocked the Sun Door.

** Note also that the tower opening at the top forms a chalice or communion grail. Drinking from the waters of the grail fertilized the mind and enabled the ascension process.

*** The Lincoln Memorial was of course added later beneath the Washington Monument, forming an Egyptian triangle between it and the base of the tower design. In this way, Lincoln (sitting in his Pantheon replica) is being cast as the son of Washington.