Kodi Kambam, Yupa Pole & Vajapeya Rite

Traditionally, the Kodi Kambam begins as a lightning strike (bridging heaven and earth) which is then marked by a Vedic priest with a ceremonial dagger called a Vajra-kila. This structure is equivalent to the "yupa pole" used in the Vedic ascension ceremony known as Vajapeya, which may be located elsewhere in the temple complex (near the feet of the temple figure for convenience).

In the ceremony, a "Sacrificer" would lean a ladder against the pole and climb to the top where a wheaten wheel (the "sun door") held an entheogenic communion called Soma. The Sacrificer would first rub the soma on his belly and then eat it. This would open up the sun door so he could see into the heavenly realm. The Vedic yupa, Kodi Kambam and Christian cross are one and the same - an entheogenic path of immortality and ascension into the sky.