The Green Man

Colored green in Egyptian frescos, Osiris was the god of the underworld and vegetation, more specifically the underworld of the mind unlocked by a sacred plant.

Osiris was said to have been killed by being enclosed in a coffin from which an acacia tree sprouted; out of this tree Osiris (in other versions, Horus) came out to live. Indeed, the ancient Egyptians regarded acacia as the “tree of life” as well as a divine hypostasis (Koemoth 1994). This was because every species of acacia contain large amounts of DMT, the most powerful psychedelic known to exist.

In this way, Osiris was an intermediary "Son of the Sun" bridging the Sun with the animal kingdom. Eating his body, the acacia plant, brought the Sun's enlightenment into your body and mind. He helped people reconnect with his father, the light, and ascend to the realm of the gods, at least for a little while.

Likely originating from the even older Vedic Green Man named Soma, a long line of similar plant deities descended from Osiris. Every culture had their Green Man, consumed in sacred communion, so that they might be saved from material blindness and reborn into the sky.