Earth-Moon-Venus Relationship

In a couple of earlier posts, I mentioned that there are 13 angels, 8 dragons and 103 faces of the "Green Man" carved into the architecture of Rosslyn chapel. I pointed out that the 13:8 ratio (=1.625) corresponded to the 13 orbits Venus makes for every 8 orbits of the Earth, creating a pentagonal rose pattern in the sky. I will now explain why there are 103 Green Men and what it means.

During the 8-year Earth-Venus cycle, the Moon goes through 103 averaged lunar phases. This is calculated as follows:

365.25 days/year x 8 = 2922 days/cycle, and
2922 / 103 ≈ 28.36 average lunar phase.

This is approximately equal to the average between the synodic month (time between full moons) and the "draconic" month (time between elliptic nodes):

Synodic month = 29.53 days
Draconic month = 27.21222 days
Average lunar phase = (29.53+27.21222)/2 = 28.37

In carving 103 Green Men faces in Rosslyn chapel, the designers were teaching us the Green Man archetype was associated with the Moon. This is because they knew entheogenic plant gods in ancient times were considered the Son of the Sun and identified with the Moon.

This association was first established in the Rig-Veda with Soma, both the Moon god and the name of an entheogenic communion drink. As the first Green Man, Soma was considered the son of the sun god Surya (or Indra) and Venus goddess Shukra (or Vena). In fact, this is the Vedic Trinity.

The Trinity is linked by the 13 orbits of Venus compared to the 103 orbits of the Moon, both relative to Earth and Sun. Thus the Moon is related to 13 by an order of magnitude (10x multiple) either side of the Earth (10+3 vs 100+3).

In the Rosslyn symbolism, Venus is an angel, Earth is a dragon and the Moon is a plant. Eat the plant and you will transform from a dragon into an angel, ascending into the sky to meet the planet gods.