Pope Francis Coat of Arms Symbolism

The Jesuit symbol of the sun on a blue field with the Christogram "IHS" is retained. It refers to the Phoenician name for the sun IES (Greek Ihsous or Iesous) that connects Jesus to a long line of deities, including the Etruscan Bacchus, called Esar or Nesar; the Roman Sol Invictus, Phrygian Attis, the Umbrian Desar; the Assyrian Issus; the Greek Dion-ysus; the Galatian Nyssus; the Hebrew Nizziz; the Greek form Iacchus (from Iach, a shout); the Latin Bacchus; the Norse Eis; the Indian Ies; the Persian Yez; the Gaulish Hes; the German Hist; and the Chinese Jos.

The original symbolism that included the 5-point star and grape bunch tells the story of this line of deities.

The star symbolizes the pentagonal orbital pattern of Venus. In the official Vatican description, this star is said to represent Mother Mary, clearly identifying her as an Ashtart goddess (Hebrew Asherah) descended from Babylonian Ishtar, the goddess of Venus.

The grape bunch symbolizes the Green Man or vegetation god, who for the Romans was Bacchus but who the Greeks called Dionysus or the Phoenician Iesous. The Vatican states it is a symbol for Joseph, but it might be better understood as a reference to a Chinese god or idol called a "Jos." In any case, it is a symbol for the Holy Communion of Christ.

Altogether, the three charges on the blue shield refer to the Holy Trinity of the Sun, Venus and Moon. In the most ancient Vedic astrotheological symbolism, the son of the Sun and Venus is Soma - the Moon god revealed by the entheogenic "drink of immortality."

Apparently, this symbolism was considered too revealing by Church Fathers so the star and grapes were changed to an 8-point star (a more ancient Sumerian symbol for Venus) and the nard flower, a symbol for St. Matthew. But now why would they use a symbol of St. Matthew in place of the grapes?

You might recall from my earlier posts that St. Matthew was used as a cover story for the dedication of Rosslyn chapel as a collegiate chapel to St. Matthew because he was seen by the Gnostics as a teacher descended from Mosaism rather than a strict disciple of Jesus. Indeed, Matthew is linked to the Vedic Upanishads and Buddhist Sutras through "didymus" Thomas, the supposed twin or double of Jesus who taught in India using Matthew's writings.

In this way, Pope Francis and the Jesuits connect back to the astrotheological and entheogenic foundations of Christianity, skipping the New Testament. This foundation is the very Foundation Stone of the Temple of Jerusalem that Jacob (Israel) is said to have laid his head to dream of a ladder to heaven. It was the stone fire altar (a "vedi") used in the temple as a Kunda-yajna fire pit to perform the Vedic Vajapeya Soma sacrifice ceremony. You see, Hebrew belief descends through Zoroastrianism from Vedic cosmology and its ritual sacrifice (and ingestion) of the Soma moon communion to induce visions.

Pope Francis clearly knows the truth about the Vedic foundations of his Church, yet now chooses to hide it in his coat of arms.

* The Latin motto translates as 'by having mercy, by choosing him'.