Anatolia: Birthplace of Religion


The original Rig-Veda is believed to have been written in the area between the Black and Caspian Seas by Sanskrit-speaking "Aryan" people. This map shows the initial Aryan migration starting around 4,000 BC. This migration was the catalyst that sparked the rise of the Sumerian, Egyptian, Indian and other ancient civilizations.

In my view, all of these civilizations were inspired by the cosmology of the Rig-Veda and its belief in the celestial fertilization of Earth during a rare Venus Transit in the constellation of Taurus. They were also introduced to psychoacoustical temple design and the use of entheogenic plants to help them ascend in their minds to the heavenly realm to meet the gods.

It is no accident that all of the ancient religions have horned gods, sacred mountains, entheogenic communion and temples designed after the Vedic stupa (the Venus Blueprint archetype). They all share a spiritual home in the Taurus mountains.