First Esoteric Order

The dedication reads "Harmonia, Amor, Verdade e Justica," which translates as Harmony, Love, Truth and Justice. These are the four pillars of the spiritual school of Santo Daime.

According to their website, first comes HARMONY. If one cannot love someone, then one must tolerate and stay away from that person. This harmonizes thought by avoiding judgment.

If one tolerates your mistakes, then wish them well and strive to meet the true needs of that person. Approach them in LOVE with attention and affection.

Next comes TRUTH, that which shines with all its brightness and shadow.

Once harmonized, loved, and informed, there comes JUSTICE to bestow the merit of Divine Glory.

Historical note: Mestre, the founder of the Santo Daime, was associated with Esoteric Circle of the Communion of Thought. Whose purpose is to study the hidden forces of nature and man and promote the awakening of the creative energies latent in human thought, thus the theme and motto of the lofty ideals Harmony, Love, Truth and Justice.

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