Meaning of the Red Sea

But why would the sacred mountain of the Vedics have the same name as the Red Sea?

The reason can be found in the description of Meru in the Rig-Veda. It is described as a transcendental mountain at the center of the Earth extending from the deepest ocean to the highest sky, measuring 84,000 Yojanas or about one million miles tall. Thus, Mount Meru is born from the sea just like the Sun, Moon and planets are born every day as they rise out of the ocean on the eastern horizon.

Why was it a red mountain? The word "Ru" means both red (rubra, rouge, rojo, ruddy) and birth canal (rut). During a human birth, there is first the breaking of the amniotic sack or "waters" followed by the appearance of blood during birth. Thus, Mount Meru meaning "sea-red" symbolizes the birth of land from the sea.

The Red Sea itself probably received its name from ancient Vedics who migrated into Egypt along the Nile from Ethiopia through Sudan, building the Merou pyramids along the way. To the east is the Red Sea, a long "rut" between Egypt and Arabia. The pyramids, called M'R by the Egyptians, were then symbolic of Mount Meru born from the Red Sea. This parallels the position of Mount Ararat in Armenia with Lake Sevan to the east, also shaped like a long rut.

This leaves only the question of the Bible story of God's parting of the Red Sea to help the Israelites escape the Egyptian army. Real or symbolic? What do you think?