The Temple of Bacchus

The Temple of Bacchus is the largest Roman temple in the world. Located in Baalbek, Lebanon (once known as Heliopolis), this temple was dedicated to the Romanized Ba'al Trinity of Jupiter (Sun), Venus and Bacchus (the god of intoxication). These three are equivalent to the Vedic Trinity of Surya, Vena and Soma, the lunar god associated with an entheogenic plant and communion. This temple was where the average person would go to induce religious visions.

Notice that the dimensions as measured by columns are 13 x 8, exactly the ratio of Venus to Earth years in their orbital resonance cycle. Furthermore, the inner chamber appears to be 10 units long by 5 units wide, making it a double square exactly like that of Rosslyn chapel or the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid. This would make it a very resonant chamber with the diagonal proportion being a function of the golden mean. Chant and song at specific frequencies in this temple would have had a psychoacoustical effect on the congregation, enhancing and controlling the visions provided by the plant communion of Bacchus.

Note: Thanks to Raman Basha for his pictures of the temple.