Religion and Harmonic Theory

As example, the illustration shows how the geometry of an ant's head matches the geometry of an apple. Under Darwinian evolution theory, plants and animals are described as developing through natural selection and random mutation. But while this is certainly part of the story, it is not the whole story.

Modern evolutionary theory denies the role carbon-water resonance plays in determining the possible crystallization shapes of life. Similarly, the field of biology also ignores the quantum vacuum (Lattice QCD) and how it too predetermines crystallization geometries and how life self-organizes within this subtle energetic framework.

In my first book Interference: A Grand Scientific Musical Theory, I discovered that musical perception is primarily dependent on an extraordinarily simple equation that balances circular harmonic resonance with spiraling harmonic damping, creating an apple-like harmonic interference pattern. Notice in the illustration how the central brain region of the ant matches the seed pod region of the apple and how this corresponds to the inner region of the Polar Reflective Interference model. Carbon-based life grows as a function of harmonic interference whether plant or animal.

This same resonance pattern can be found in human anatomy from the cardioid shape of the face, brain, heart-lungs, ribcage and pelvis. Indeed, the entire human body is a resonating liquid-crystal container entrained to this pattern at different scales and orientations. Yet, strangely this indisputable fact has no place in modern biology, medicine or the schools.

While the ancients may not have rationalized it quite this way, they did understand that life is a harmonic balance between resonance and damping and fashioned their gods according to this physical principle. They also understood that space was a medium (an "aether") and that light would travel and crystallize as matter according to this lattice structure. They didn't need advanced scientific instruments to know this - only an unbiased observation of the same patterns present at different scales of Nature.

It is my belief that Darwinian theory is correct but incomplete and that life is guided first and foremost by pre-existing physical constants intrinsic to the entire cosmos - not just natural selection and mutation here on Earth. When harmonic resonance is reintegrated with genetic and evolutionary theory, this will be the time when the schism between Science and Spirituality is finally resolved. And with this final realization, everything will change.