Origin of Merlin's Pointed Sorcerer's Hat

"The Etruscan priest, therefore, is prepared to travel the astral that would take him beyond the time and space to cross the boundaries of the known. Psiconauta authentic, he would direct in the other regions to learn the secrets of the Universe. Donned the magic helmet, recited the appropriate formulas, invoking the occult entity to descend into him, while its lunar counterpart has departed and live elsewhere ... Struck by a magnetic energy, the magician was pervaded by vibrations and projected far away to the archetypes worlds who guarded a remote and hidden knowledge waiting to be unveiled. Even the great medieval cathedrals housed the famous ciborium with the pointed shape and directed upwards. It was a receiver of cosmic energies."
- Misteri e Arcani della Magia Etrusca – Stefano Mayorca