Anahita Goddess Origin & Associations

Anahita, a fertility goddess, was the Zoroastrian name for the goddess of Venus (Vena) from which all the pure or immaculate waters flowed. First described in the Rig-Veda, these waters were believed to flow from the summit of the great mountain around which the stars revolve (the pole star). For the Armenians, this transcendental mountain was represented by Mt. Ararat or Arya-rat, venerated by the ancient Vedic Aryans that had earlier migrated down into Iran (Aryan). Persian Zoroastrianism is thus a form of Vedic cosmology believed to originate from the Ararat plain of Armenia in northeastern Anatolia. Indeed, the snowmelt of Ararat flows into the river Vedi that runs by the ancient town of Vedi not far from Khor Virap.

Anahita is associated with Saraswati of the Rig-Veda, who was considered a creation goddess of wisdom and enlightenment. She is often depicted holding mushrooms (see comment) and considered the feminine form of Brahma. She is also confabulated with the Babylonian Ishtar and later triple goddess cults, including the Magalene.* There is a similar connection to Ashi, the likely progenitor of the Ashtart goddesses of Mesopotamia, including the Hebrew Asherah, consort of Yahu. These and many other Venusian goddesses are descended from those worshipped along the Vedi river under the shadow of Mt. Ararat.

There is an ancient winery in Vedi - still there today - whose grapes are fertilized by the sacred Vedi waters.** We might envision a time when another kind of holy water was made here using entheogenic mushrooms. Growing out of cow dung and blended with cow's milk to make Soma (called Hoama in the Avesta and identified with Anahita), this connection between sacred mushrooms, holy water and cow dung is the real meaning behind the sacred cow and Brahma bull of the Taurus mountains. Anahita's enlightening waters flowed through the Holy Cow to deliver enlightenment.

As the mushroom sacrament was burnt on a fire altar next to the Vedi river - rising as smoke to Anahita at the summit of Ararat - the Vedic Aryan priests drank the Soma communion to ascend the transcendental mountain and commune with their beloved goddess.

* The similarity of the Biblical Magdalene with Anahita is probably a big reason Armenia became the first Christian nation.
** Vedi or Veda is a Sanskrit word meaning "to see." It is the root for our English words vision and video.
*** For more info on Anahita, visit this link.