Magdalene: Woman of the Triple Tower

She is shown holding a staff (a thyrsus) and a model of her temple, the triple tower of Magdala. Magdalene, translating roughly as the "woman of the triple tower," was worshipped anciently as Mari-Anna-Ishtar in Mesopotamia and India. Her first name Mari or Mary refers to the transcendental Mount Meru of the Rig-Veda above which she was believed to hover and protect. As a unified mother goddess of Venus, she encompasses the feminine traits of the Moon and Earth.


To the French she is known as Marianne; to the British she is Britannia; and to the Americans she is the Columbian goddess of Liberty. In Europe she was also known as the Indo-European fertility goddess Ostara, Austron or Eastre in reference to her being associated with Venus, the Star in the East. Europe was once named Austrasia in her honor.

Thanks to Mano Mannaz for the photo.