Psychoacoustics of the Sistine Chapel

The width-to-length dimensions of the ceiling are 1400/4050cm, creating the acoustically resonant proportion 0.345679012. This is then evenly divisible by the resonant Rosslyn Magic Ratio 1/81 (=0.012345679), making the room horizontally resonant. The room's height of 2070cm further resonates the Chapel vertically as it too is evenly divisible by the Rosslyn Magic Ratio.*

This is because the ratio 1/81 is evenly divisible into the most resonant interval possible 5/3 (=1.666), as proven by a Blackman Spectral Analysis of two tones diverging over an octave. This spectral pattern is a result of how harmonics naturally interfere with one another in a standing wave. Standing waves themselves are further governed by how boson particles are able to propagate through the quantum lattice (field) of space.

A resonant chamber like the Sistine Chapel can have an effect on the human brain at room temperature because its spatial dimensions are divisible by 110Hz. In fact, this is the frequency used in the psychoacoustics of the Hypogeum cave temple in Malta. A recent UCLA study found that 110Hz switches the brain focus from left to right. For the Sistine Chapel, it is expressed as the acoustical space to frequency ratio of (1/81) / 110Hz = 0.000112233445566...

Combining an entheogenic communion with resonant chant in such a chamber would generate very intense religious visions. Chants centering around the prime resonant frequency of the chamber would shut down the language center and enhance the spatial right brain as an entheogenic communion took effect.

We can understand acoustics and entheogens together as an ancient "entheotech" designed specifically for psychonautic exploration. Invented by early Vedic priests, they were trying to look inward for answers rather than outward, finding the sky gods in their own minds. I propose that this is the primary purpose of all sacred spaces, including pyramids, stupas, ziggurats, basilicas, cathedrals and chapels, each with their own psychedelic communion brew and ritual.

The one thing we do not know about the Sistine Chapel is whether the Pope or his cardinals might occasionally partake of an entheogenic communion inside it, intoning its resonant frequency to focus their minds. Might it even be a secret rite of the "Holy See" performed in this very room prior to electing a new Pope?

Here is a nice 3D panorama and acoustical sample of the Sistine Chapel.

* NOTE: The dimensions of the Sistine Chapel are exactly the same as Solomon's temple.