The 2012 Venus Transit

Here is the conjunction sequence leading up to the 2012 Venus Transit:

May 13 - Jupiter-Sun (Venus begins retrograde loop)
May 20 - Solar eclipse aligned with Pleiades.
May 26 - Mercury-Sun

June 1 - Venus-Mercury
June 5-6 - Venus-Sun transit between the horns of Taurus


Prior to the transit, Venus creates a retrograde loop, or "Ru," above the Sun and between the horns of the constellation Taurus (Tau-Ru). This loop symbolized a birth canal in ancient times, becoming the loop at the top of the Egyptian Ankh.

But, as this occurs between the T-horns or Tau-cross of Taurus, Venus is said to lasso the Sun, hang him on the cross, and resurrect him. Thus, the Egyptian Ankh was considered a sacred symbol of Venusian fertility and resurrection.

Once the Sun has been hung on the cross, Venus can again resurrect the Sun and pull him across the sky every morning as if in a boat or chariot. In this way, Venus has been harnessed or "rigged" like a bull or horse. Since "Veda" is derived from the name of the Vedic goddess Vena (Roman Venus), the phrase "Rig-Veda" translates literally as "harness Venus."