The Queen and the Union Jack

Here we have the eight-pointed Venus Star of the Essenes represented in the Union Jack.

In the Book: "Le Memoire d'Essenien, L'autre visage de Jesus" the following can be found on this subject: (p.18) "Look very well at that star behind me: it is one of the symbols of our people" (p.32): "Look," he said, "that is the big morningstar, we call her 'Moon-Sun' or 'Ishtar' (Venus). To our people she stands for Mysterie and Light. Remember well her name,Simon, that will be of use to you. An old legend tells that we owe much to her shining light. Just look, how she shines, like no other, in the sky" (p.21): "Look," she whispered into my ear pointing at one of the adobe walls. A few steps away I discovered a little hollow in a wall, slightly hidden behind a bush. It looked like the sun on a shard, on which the 'star of Zerah'as I called it, was engraved.