Fertility Symbolisms of the Golden Egg

Resurrection from the reincarnation cycle was the prime goal of most all ancient religions. Meditation, chanting, entheogenic communion, fire sacrifice, and astrological rituals were all used to find the path to heaven after death. Symbols corresponding to the dimensions of a golden egg were used as an aid in this process.

For instance, the ancient Vedics performed an ascension ceremony that used a wooden cross called a "yupa" planted in the ground that had a circular "wheaten wheel" mounted at the top (see link in comments). Placing a ladder against the cross, the male "sacrificer" would proclaim: "Come, wife, ascend we to the sky!" to which she would reply: "Ascend we." Having taken an entheogenic communion prior to this ceremony, they would then watch as the "Sun Door" of the wheaten wheel would appear to open up the sky and reveal the heavenly realm. We might best understand this ceremony as a fertility rite practiced inside a golden egg that represented resurrection into the afterlife and final escape from physical strife.

The Rosicrucians describe the cross as an unfolded cube within which could be found a five petal rose. Known as the "Rosy Cross," the rose at the center of the unfolded cube is symbolic of the pentagonal rose orbit of Venus, the liberator. Personified as countless goddesses in different cultures, the Morning Star of Venus bore life into the earthly realm while the Evening Star of Venus resurrected spirits into the afterlife, as she did for the Sun every evening.

The Egyptian Ankh, Hebrew Tree of Life (Kabbalah) and Metatron's Cube can all be seen as symbols extracted from the geometry of a golden egg. As the Ankh was taken from the "Ru" or retrograde loop Venus makes in its rose orbital pattern, it was also the fertility cross used to represent the celestial birth canal through the Cosmic Egg.

The Venus Blueprint as an integrating symbol of fertility was thus the prime model for constructing a sacred space where one might practice spiritual fertility and ascension. Inside a temple chamber designed with this egg-star template, one might induce and guide religious visions to find "the way and the light." As many Tibetans who meditate today believe, this practice is necessary to prepare oneself to achieve Clear Light after death and find the way to Svarga, Empyrean or Heaven. This was the true religion and real purpose behind ancient temple building.