Vedic Trinity Fertility Symbolism

In this exploded view, the Vedic Trinity of Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva are associated with the Sun, Venus and Moon. These associations can be found in the Vedas representing the Father, Mother and Son trinity. Indra and Vishnu were friends and equates to the Father. Vena is the feminine Brahmanical side of Shukra and equates to the Mother. And Shiva wears a crescent moon on his head, equating him with the Soma Son.

In the Rig-Veda, the most ancient Vedic scripture, the Sun inseminates Vena's "variegated womb" with his seed. The planet Shukra, meaning "semen", is his seed. When Vena completes one of her cycles [gestation], she is said to give birth into the waters of Earth where the sky meets the sea. Since Venus rises before the Sun at dawn, she gives birth to the Sun in the East[er].

From Vena's Brahmanical womb also comes the Cosmic Egg or Brahmanda. Inside the Egg is the Moonchild Soma and its Earth yolk. Bridging the Moon and Earth is Mount Meru, symbolized by the pyramid, ziggurat, pagoda, temple, basilica, mosque or cathedral.

The entheogenic Soma communion then provides a means to climb Meru to reach the Soma Moon and other celestial deities. Fire altars or "vedi" (the pyra-mid's 'fire in the center') are used to deliver the Soma communion to the gods and invoke their assistance.

All of these individual symbols can thus be collapsed from a totem stack into a single composite symbol to create the Venus Blueprint. This geometry can then be used to design psychoacoustical temples to supercharge the liberating effect of the Soma communion.