A Near Death Experience

"I had an 'almost' death experience earlier this year , burst appendix. I was alone at the time and 'commenced' moving away from Earth (bear with me, will keep the story short and excuse the lack of more detailed wording to describe the experience) - in to space , no sound , all calm ,moving towards, what I can only say was a line, or a zone, of dark matter - on one side was Earth and the stars etc, on the other side, nothing, but not a dead zone, just deepness.

On the other side coming to me were three egg shaped, golden 'forms', about the size of a person , dont know if I was meant to get in to one or if the three were to get me and shepherd me in to the 'dark matter'.

My understanding was that if I went, then I would leave my physical body behind (I am spiritual rather than religious, have an open mind, have an anthropology back ground, travelled the world , dont want to affiliate with organised religions or spiritual groups) and move in to another state of being.

So , here I was in deep space, Earth moving further away, the golden, fuzzy surfaced eggs coming closer, and because I have two young adult daughters, I made a conscious decision that I wished to stay for a while longer. I was neither scared, or in awe, or emotional etc. I was calm and interested. As soon as I made that decision, the vision/ situation changed, the eggs came no closer and I was back in the physical realm, so to speak.

I have been searching for a reference somewhere to those eggs .... I know that people have out of body experiences all the time; near death experiences etc, probably influenced by their social and cultural backgrounds; chemical reactions in their body blah blah. But the image and the intense feeling wont fade - its not haunting me, but I just feel I need to investigate further. Its those golden, fuzzy surfaced eggs ..........and that deep sense of ......the edge of change....cant explain....."