Etymology of Meru

As mentioned in earlier posts, the name Meru refers to "Mer," the sea, and "Ru," meaning red and rut, from which we have "Mer-Ru" meaning "birth from the sea." This is exactly how it is used in the Rig-Veda - a transcendental (i.e., invisible) mountain extending from the depths of the ocean far into the sky. At its summit live the sky gods.

In researching the etymology of "Meru," I studied the Egyptian variations on this root in "An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary." I found that it formed the root of the ancient name for Egypt (Mera), the name of the pyramid (M'R), the name for stones and ground (meri), the name for bull gods (Merhi = Osiris), the name of anointing oil and perfume (myrrh), the name of the Moon (merukh-t), the name for the sea or water (mer), the name for love (merrut) and the name for war and strife (merh).

In short, the Vedic cosmology surrounding Meru in the Rig-Veda is at the epicenter of ancient Egyptian cosmology and religion. Just like their teachers the Aryan Vedics from Anatolia, the ancient Egyptians sought to ascend their sacred pyramid mountain into the sky.