Origin of the word "Freemason"

The English word "free" descends to us from the Nordic goddesses Freyja and Frigg, both cognate with Isis, the Egyptian goddess of Venus. The importance of Venus worship in Europe and throughout the Middle East is well established, discussed extensively both here and in my book. Nonetheless, a brief review is helpful.

In the Rig-Veda, the supreme creative deity of the Trinity is Brahma or, more specifically, the Brahmanical aspect of Vena. Identified repeatedly in ancient religions as the "light-bringer" and "liberator," the planet Venus was the Morning Star that rises at dawn to resurrect the masculine Sun. In turn, the sun god Surya/Indra inseminates Vena's sky womb (her orbital rose pattern) to give birth into the sea.

In the Hebrew temple, upon which Masonic lore is based, the Hebrew goddess of Venus named Asherah is also the supreme creative deity. Indeed, this goddess was associated with the inside or "womb" of the Temple of Jerusalem and believed present in a "Shekinah pillar" (also "glory cloud") suspended above the Ark of the Covenant in the Holy of Holies. In this way, the mother goddess Asherah and her planet Venus were the focal point of worship in the Hebrew temple. The same is true for Freemasonry.

As many already know, Freemasonry and the Knights Templar descended from Solomon's Temple of Jerusalem and the Jewish Council of Jerusalem. The "pillars of Solomon" outside the temple were Father/ Son symbols named variously as Joachim & Boaz, Master & Apprentice or David & Solomon. In any case, they symbolized the Sun and Moon as part of an astrotheological framework for Masonry.

The 'glory cloud' of the Mother Shekinah was then believed to be present between and above the Father/Sun pillars. This is often symbolized with the All-Seeing Eye, pentagram or radiant pyramid, as we see in the attached illustration and also on the back of a U.S. dollar bill.* Thus, the Hebrew Trinity of the Father (sun), Son (moon) and Holy Spirit (venus) is fundamental to Masonry and the Craft. More to the point, the goddess identity of Venus is at both the literal and figurative center of Masonic rites.

Now, consider that the Egyptian word for birth or child is "Mas." The Hebrew word 'Mason' might then be descriptive of 'birthing' the construction of a pyramid or temple. When we then combine this with 'Free' from Freyja, we have 'Freemason.'

As a hybrid term, the word 'Freemason' might thus be interpreted as "Birth of Venus" or perhaps "Sons of Light."

* In the illustration, we see the pillars of the Sun and Moon either side of the All-Seeing Eye and pentagram glory symbolic of Venus. Note also the beehive on the right, symbolic of the children of Venus.