Stupa Bell Symbolism

The lower "bell" of a stupa represents the Cosmic Egg, believed formed from the first sound Om. Protruding from the top of the bell egg is the harmika, representative of consciousness and often painted with eyes. From this sprouts the Cosmic Tree, parasol (or sacred mushroom) and Vedic Trinity of the Sun, Moon and Venus. Altogether, we have the "bell curve" shape and resonating model of a Vedic stupa simplified into the common hand bell - a bell said to ring with truth and liberty.

The bell represents clarity of thought and the elevation of consciousness. Its clapper is our consciousness resonating outward from the cranium, liberating itself from its worldly egg and rippling into the aether. While few know it, this is the true meaning behind the open bell tower and the Liberty Bell of the American Revolution.

Ring the bell, win a prize. But how exactly do we ring the bell? For the ancients, the answer was meditation, entheogenic communion, symbols, resonant acoustics, invocation rituals and sacred music. This was what helped one ascend the steps to the bell tower of the mind, ringing the bell of spiritual freedom and calling forth the gods.