Psychoactive Geometry

The main psychoactive geometry within the Venus Blueprint design appears to be the Meru pyramid (based on the Egyptian triangle). This particular shape has been experimentally proven to interact with the electromagnetic current in the atmosphere and act as a capacitor or battery to collect and store electrostatic energy.


As example, two scientific teams have independently measured an electromagnetic frequency of 28kHz emitting from the summit (oracabessa or "golden eye") of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. While this is an earthen pyramid shaped and terraced from a mountain by Vedic Indo-Europeans some 10,000 years ago, its geometry apparently acts as a capacitor/lens/emitter for electromagnetic energy.

In 2011, while studying the potential capacitive properties of certain temple designs on consciousness, I found the following scientific paper on the effects of 28kHz on the human body. I immediately warned the Bosnian pyramid researchers of the perils of standing on the golden eye of the pyramid.

"This research group used a registration method developed by Baumer and Eichmeier (1980), who describe atmospherics [Schumann harmonics] as having clearly separated spectral maxima at 6, 8, 10, 12, and 28 kHz. The impulse rates at these frequencies were associated with the occurrence of epileptic seizures, sudden deafness, and myocardial infarctions. In the group of patients suffering from epilepsy (n = 6), who had been monitored over a period of 7 months, the onset of seizures was positively correlated (rs = .30) with the 28 kHz sferics rate and negatively correlated (rs = -20) with the 10 kHz rate (Ruhenstroth- Bauer et al., 1984)."