Isis: Venusian Mother Goddess

Above the crescent is the solar disc and vulture mother goddess Mut, wife of sun god Amen Ra. Mut represents the Eye of Ra (Venus in transit) and holds the throne of Egypt at top. The nickname "mutter" or mother comes from Mut.


The entire headdress can be interpreted as a totemic representation of Vedic cosmology, symbolic of the pyramid and throne of the sacred mountain M'R (Vedic Mount Meru). The crescent Moon, Sun and Venus totem matches that found in classical Vedic stupa design located just above the Harmika or "eyes" of the temple. The name "Isis" actually means "throne" and implies that she is the mother of God.

On her left is a staff, looking something like a combination fleur de lis and pinecone. This might be interpreted as a stylized Egyptian Ankh representing resurrection of the Sun and enlightenment through the third eye of the pineal gland.

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