Sekhmet, Guardian of the Underworld

The sphinx were often described as Sekhmet's children, even though they have the opposite features of a lion body and human head. In fact, the Great Sphinx of Giza may well be an early form of Sekhmet and thus the warrior protector of theGreat Pyramid just as Tara (dark Vena) protected Mount Meru or Athena protected the Acropolis.

The warrior aspect of Venus is found in many different cultures. This is probably because wars were often timed with Venus retrogrades or conjunctions in hopes this would give warriors an advantage by invoking the goddess. Entheogenic drinks associated with the goddess were also probably used to increase the bravery of the warriors at these times, bringing visions of the goddess into battle with them.

NOTE: Compare the photo of Sekhmet (from my lion collection) with the picture of Vedic Tara in the comments. Both are holding swords in both hands.