Venus Transit in Art

The firstborn of Aphrodite, Eros, was said to have a love affair with Psyche. According to early Greek philosopher Empedocles, it was Aphrodite's love that coaxed the separate elements into combining to create this universe. And it was this love that gave birth to consciousness.


Perhaps this transit is just an outer manifestation of something underway deep within our psyche. With the birth of Venus comes a new light and maybe - just maybe - a new way of thinking and feeling.

As humanity has evolved within the rhythms and resonances of the Sun, it is only logical that its cycles are in us too. Our minds have been fertilized and now gestate toward enlightenment and a spiritual rebirth. Could it be we are on the eve of a rebirth of global society?

Everything is pointing this way. The financial system is precariously balanced and the wars of 9/11 are winding down. The Church is in decline and a reintegration of scientific knowledge is underway. Music and Art are also finding a new path forward through archetypal symbolisms and harmonic geometry. Behind all of this is the Internet, a physical manifestation of unity consciousness and, one might say, the love of Venus.