The Oculus Omni

The Romans called this the "Oculus Omni," translated roughly as the "All Seeing Eye of Lucifer." Since this was centuries prior to the Christian anti-pagan casting of Lucifer (i.e., Lusaaset/Venus) as the Devil, the term meant the "light-bringer" in reference to Venus as the Morning Star who rises like a torch before the Sun.


The Eye of Ra is synonymous with the tip of a pyramid, called the Oracabessa or "Golden Eye." In ancient times, it represented the enlightenment given by entheogenic communion and celebrated in the Vedic ascension ceremony. It was considered the third eye 1f642(= pineal gland) at the top of the Rod of Ascelpius or Staff of Hermes, the Sun's messenger. It was the King or "Christ" Cobra and head of the Kundalini that could open the Sun Door.

This is the original meaning behind the pyramid and All-Seeing Eye on the U.S. one-dollar bill. It symbolizes the celestial congress of Sun-Venus and inner enlightenment - an act of spiritual and physical fertility anciently associated with the rare Transit of Venus.