The Mushroom Grail

Now, I don't proclaim to know much of anything for certain. But when you take the time to review the historical record and discover a line of vegetation gods leading to Christ and then another line of Venusian goddesses very much like the Marys, it is difficult to proceed in the direction of the two having real children.

At the same time, when you trace the royal family bloodlines you find they descend from Merovingian nobility which descends from the ruling Siunia family in Armenia (the Aryan homeland between Mt. Ararat and Lake Sevan) who probably descended from the Jewish Dan tribe who migrated there from Phoenicia / Canaan. This is certainly Jewish blood (probably Phoenician), but definitely not the Davidic tribal bloodline ascribed to Jesus.

It seems much more likely that these and many other religious figures originate in entheogenic visions. This is not to say they were not "real," but simply they were not physical people. From this perspective, I believe there is a much more profound mystery to be discussed.

Are such visions simply manufactured in the physical brain, somehow manifesting from archetypal forms common to all humanity? Or, are visions of other worlds and non-physical entities a glimpse into other dimensions of existence in an intelligent multiverse of consciousness?

Even in the case where entheogenic experiences are believed to be nothing more than electrical firings in the brain we are faced with the dilemma of why the brain would confabulate complex scenarios of other personalities, objects and rooms. What is the evolutionary advantage of doing this or the benefit to the individual at the moment? From this perspective, consciousness would seem to be much more than self-identity - it would be a primordial expression of energy itself manifesting through organic tissue according to its own causality.

But if visions are true glimpses into other dimensions - NOW we have something to talk about. Might these religious deities be disembodied consciousness that we can tune into? Do they have any effect on the physical world? Could the ancient shamans be right about physical objects - matter crystallized from light - being imbued with spirit and consciousness? Can these elemental spirits, as well as the spirits of the planets and stars, be accessed and communicated with as so many ancient philosopher priests seemed to believe?

Honestly, I don't know. I only raise these questions to help elevate the discussion above ordinary religious belief and conspiracy theory. I think this is a direction with solid historical and scientific backing that is worth exploring.