2012 Venus Transit

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Five days ago on May 13th, Venus began its retrograde loop, known as a "Ru," descending backward into the head and heart of the "T" or "Tau-cross." Merging with the Sun on June 5th, this process creates the "Tau-Ru" or Taurus Bull that once symbolized the Venus transit. Taurus is also known as the Pleiades or Seven Sisters.

This was the central celestial event for Vedic cosmology and the Rig-Veda, influencing every religion descended from it. It demonstrates the harmony or "harmika" of the Vedic Trinity of the Sun, Venus and Moon and how they work together to create life.

After the Moon eclipses the Sun this Sunday 20th, Venus will be swallowed by the Sun on June 5th and spit out as a seed or semen on June 6th [Shavite glosses]. This sequence of alignments were anthropomorphized in ancient times to become the archetypal fertility and resurrection story. It went something like this.

The moonchild Soma first eclipses or "kills" his father Surya, the Sun, who is then "resurrected" by Venus. As Venus makes her retrograde loop between the horns of Taurus, she lassos the Sun with her 'Ru' and hangs him on the 'Tau-cross.' After that, she is harnessed to the Sun, pulling him across the sky in her chariot or boat. In this way, Venus resurrects the new Sun (the old Sun's Son).

The Venus transit is, in fact, the prime fertility story and founding monomyth behind every religion. This celestial event was not only the first creation story, it was believed to be the source for all Earthly life, the prime model for reincarnation and the promise for life after death all rolled into one. In the coming days, we will witness not only the fabled Birth of Venus, but the very birth of Religion itself.

"This Vena impels them who are in the womb of the variegated one; the membrane of light measures out the sky. At the contact of the waters and the sun the wise kiss him as an infant." - Rig-Veda 10.123