Rosslyn Cube Symbolism

The pattern carved into the cube is a cymatic pattern and can be The pattern carvereproduced by resonating a golden rectangle plate sprinkled with sand at a specific frequency. I believe this pattern corresponds to the musical tone B, which was probably tuned to B-240 Hz to represent the wing beat frequency of a Bee (see link in comments).

This particular cube is carved above the Shekinah pillar, which symbolized the goddess Asherah in the Hebrew temple. Known as the Queen of Heaven, she was associated with Venus. And like other Venusian goddesses, her children were the bees who fertilize the Earth.

The Queen Bee theme is further emphasized by a carving at the top of the pillar of a cherub holding a 5-line musical staff. He points to the middle B in one hand and A and C with the other. Then directly above all of this on the chapel's roof are two manmade beehives carved into Meru steeples. There are stories of honey dripping down the pillars from bees who once inhabited the stone hives.

The name "Rosslyn" is a reference to the "rose line" orbital pattern of Venus. Every intersection in its orbit creates a golden ratio, thus the meaning behind the golden cubes. This Catholic collegiate chapel is actually a temple to Venus - the Queen of Heaven.