Phrygian Attis in American Symbolism

Attis was the Phrygian god of vegetation and entheogenic "Green Man" whose cult began around 1200 BCE. He was said to have beenemasculated by the Olympian gods who cut off the male organ and cast it away. For this reason, his most devoted followers castrated themselves to become eunuchs known as "Galli" or "Gauls."

Of course, the region now known as France was previously known as Gaul, revealing how widespread Attis worship was in both the Greek and Roman Empires. In fact, the Phrygian Liberty Cap of Attis (symbolizing the sacred mushroom) was worn by revolutionaries during the French Revolution to represent freedom.

Today the Liberty Cap is associated with elves and Santa Claus, a blended mythology based on real Siberian mushroom shamans. This was also the hat worn by the animated Smurf characters who resembled elves or dwarves and lived in the magical land of "Le Pays Maudit."

The Liberty Cap is found on the flags of South American countries like Nicaragua and Paraguay and even on a Mexican coin. In the U.S., it is on the seals of the Department of the Army and United States Senate. It was even the cap depicted as the hat of Lady Liberty on the U.S. Liberty coin of 1793.

Why was this cap so symbolic of liberty? Because it symbolized the psychedelic mushroom that liberated the mind and brought enlightenment to the followers of Attis. The same was true for followers of Cybele, Mithra and a host of other mushroom gods. Liberty was not always about political regimes or the freedom to buy things.

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