Meaning of the Christmas Tree

In his latest book entitled Jesus of Nazareth, Pope Benedict XVI admits there is no evidence in the Gospels that Jesus was born on December 25th, saying this was simply a pagan celebration of the winter solstice. He also debunks the claim there were cattle gathered around the manger or that angels sang at the birth. With this startling admission from the leader of the Roman Church, we might now ask what is Christmas really all about? What does the Christmas celebration signify and what is the true meaning of its symbols?

The evergreen tree is an ancient symbol for renewal and everlasting life. Underneath this Tree of Life grew the sacred red & white Amanita Muscaria mushrooms, once believed to bestow the eternal life and enlightenment of the King, Kundalini, Krishna or “Christ” consciousness. The Vedic goddess of this tree was Vena, known in other cultures as Lussaset, Hathor, Isis, Inanna, Ishtar, Astarte, Asherah, Aphrodite, Athena, Venus and Mary, among others. It was she who hovered above the Tree of Life, rising before the Sun as the Morning Star to lasso the Sun with her "Ru," loop or ankh and resurrect him from the Underworld after the winter solstice. So harnessed, she would pull the Sun across the sky in her golden chariot.

In the illustration, the evergreen tree is depicted as a mountain of stars – each intersection representing a golden ratio. Cognate with the variegated tiers of Mount Meru in the Rig-Veda, the Tree of Life or "Wisdom Tree" symbolizes the stairs (or stars) to a heaven of gold. Thus the stepped pyramids, ziggurats and temples of the ancient world symbolized enlightenment in life and ascension in the afterlife. The tree is transcendental, representing a mountain, bridge, staircase or ladder to heaven.

Within the tree is a fertility totem rising up along the “golden pinion” of the World Axis toward the North Star. At the base of the tree is the Sri Yantra Meru tracing the Golden Triangle found in the Great Pyramid M’R or myrrh. Above this is the World Egg, a golden egg geometry formed from the actual proportions of the Earth and Moon. Flying above are the mythical children of Venus represented by fertilizing bees and winged cherubim. Descending from the rose-line (Rosslyn) womb of Venus, they bring love to the Earth from the golden summit.

At the top of the star tree is the Eye of Ra (or Ind’Ra). During a rare Venus Transit, Venus becomes the pupil in the Sun's iris (or Isis), peering down at Earth for a day. In the Shavite glossess, Venus was described as being swallowed by the Sun and spit out as a seed, thus inseminating Vena’s star womb (her rose orbital pattern). Indeed, the planet Venus was actually named Shukra, meaning bright, white or semen. From this conjunction with the Sun, the Rig-Veda tells us that Vena gave birth where the sky mingles with the sea on the eastern horizon. Her children are the bees who fertilize the plants - particularly the entheogenic ones.

From this astrotheological allegory, we find the Vedic “reason for the season” was not much different than today's Christmas nativity story. The mountain/sky god Yahweh (Yahu) inseminates the virgin mother goddess with his membrane of light, who in turn gives birth on Earth. This miracle birth, repeated every year with the rebirth of the Sun after the winter solstice, was celebrated in ancient times through fire sacrifice, communion sacrament and an ascension ritual. Central to this celebration was the red and white gift of Christ consciousness found beneath Vena’s Tree of Life.

Santa Claus is all that remains of this ancient solstice celebration, preserved from shamanic practices and mushroom legends (see link in comments). Dressed in the red and white colors of the Amanita Muscaria, the inebriated vegetation god flies across the sky in his sun chariot. Powered by magic mushrooms and led by the bright light of Venus, he brings the gift of enlightenment and vision for the new year. Placing his gift beneath the starry tree, he beacons you to fly with him up to the North Star where the elves and other gods live.

So, while material gifts may now replace the spiritual gifts of the evergreen tree and heavenly bodies are personified as real people, the essential message of the miracle of life remains the same.

In love and light, here’s wishing you a very Merry, Mary, Meri, Meru Christmas 2012 from Yours Truly at The Venus Blueprint.