The Goddess Freyja

The Photo shows Freyja in the Dwarf's Cave (1891). It is an illustration of the Sorla pattr story describing Freyja as a concubine of Odin, who bartered sex to four dwarves for a golden necklace. The dwarves represent psychoactive mushrooms while the golden necklace is the Fibonacci series which converges to the golden ratio - both cognate with the Soma mushroom communion and the mathematical theory behind the sacred Mount Meru as the golden path to Svarga or Heaven in the Rig-Veda.

Freyja, meaning "lady," is considered cognate with the German goddess Frigg and a host of other Germanic goddesses. The German word "Frau" shares the same root.

Frigg is also cognate with the proto-Indo-European (Aryan) goddess of the dawn named Austrō, Ēostre or Ostara, whose day is Easter Day. Indeed, much of Europe was once named after Austrō as Austrasia with Austria (and Australia) the only reminder of her widespread worship. The name refers to the "East" where the Morning Star of Venus rises at dawn. This is why many Christian churches hold a dawn service to this day.

Celebrations of Frigg and Ēostre in April ("ostermonat" or Ostara Month) remind us of the importance of Venus in Old Europe and the widespread influence of Vedic cosmology on European peoples. Spring fertility and everlasting life was the purpose of this celebration.

The mythical Easter Bunny descends from the hare as a companion of Aphrodite and of satyrs and cupids. Easter eggs hidden by the Easter Bunny represent manifold fertility (as rabbits reproduce exponentially by the Fibonacci sequence) and the eggs represent celestial fertility as the Cosmic Egg (see link in comments).

It is only fitting that the Romans would Christianize Frigg and Ēostre days as the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Biblical resurrection story illustrates the essentially Vedic idea that the Morning Star resurrects the Sun at dawn - lassoing him with her Ru (or Ankh retrograde loop), pulling him up from the Underworld and hanging him on the Tau-cross of Taurus before pulling him across the sky in her golden chariot.