Archangel Michael as Hindu Kali

The depiction of Kali defeating Shiva has been interpreted as primeval life energy triumphing over dead matter. Applying this same metaphor to the story of Michael, the slaying of Satan would also represent the triumph of energy or spirit over matter and death. The "Fallen Angel" is thus symbolic of the physical world.

Life, being a blend of both energy and matter, exists in the balance between the two. Of course, today we know they are equivalent and matter is merely a slowed, condensed state of energy (E=MC2). This same equivalence is found in both of these ancient stories with Michael and Satan described as brother angels while Kali is described as the female consort or counterpart to Shiva. They are not so much opposites as different faces of the same thing.

NOTE: Slaying here means defeating or subduing, not necessarily killing. Both Satan and Shiva continue to exist as told in the stories.