Mount Meru Models

In truth, Islam, Judaism and Christianity have the same sacred mountain of the Vedics, same temple concept, same ascension beliefs, same communion ceremony, same notion of heaven and same basic hierarchical organization of deities, including the Trinity concept. Understand the Rig-Veda and Vedic Cosmology and you will understand these religions and how they were altered for political reasons.

This illustration shows several different representations of Mount Meru and Vedic Cosmology. In particular, the Trinity of the Sun, Venus and Moon pertain to celestial fertility and how that connects to Earth through a transcendental mountain or tree. The land of the "rose-apple fruit" called "Jambudvipa" at bottom is a reference to "The Garden."

The only thing missing in the Abrahamic religions is the entheogenic plants once used to make the "Jamba Juice" communion. Without years of practice in yoga and meditation, consuming the sacred plant was the only way to "open up the Sun Gate," "ascend the sacred mount to meet God" and become "born again" into heaven.

This was the original purpose of religion - direct experience and communication through altered states of mind. Through communion with the teacher plant, one could be "saved" or "redeemed" by learning how to properly exit the body upon death and how to navigate upward to Indra's heaven. Absent this preparation, it was believed one was doomed to repeat the cycle and be reincarnated once again into the material world of pain.