Rosslyn Floor Plan

When converted into a tower of pentagrams (the 5-tiered Mt. Meru tower), it can be rotated to create the Venus Blueprint fractal. This then is dragged first horizontally and then vertically to create a grid resembling a tartan plaid. From this, the basic floor plan of Rosslyn chapel can be drawn, creating an ideal resonance chamber that produces psychoacoustical effects within its double-square chamber. This chamber has a prime resonant frequency of 27 hertz, which is both the fourth Schumann harmonic of the Earth and the frequency at which the human brain switches from Beta wakefulness to Gamma enhanced awareness.


Notice that the Vitruvian Man fits perfectly into this square such that the Hebrew Shekinah pillar aligned precisely at the perineum, the east wall aligned with his naval, and his face framed inside a small underground chamber. This was no accident. The Shekinah pillar represents the geometric center of the entire building and symbolizes the point of fertility in the temple, located directly in front of the holy of holies altar.

Here we see how vertical Vedic temple design may also have been taken from the Venus Blueprint. This "temple template" was likely spread by a global Vedic missionary and colonization project that began some 6,000 years ago.