Lightning Symbolism in Christianity

While I cannot say if there is any metaphysical intent behind this occurrence, I can say that the Hebrew/Christian God Yahweh or Yahu is a storm god. In earlier posts I have discussed how Yahu descended from Bel-Yah or Ba'al, the Babylonian rain god and that the original god of Abraham was probably Amurru, who was the son of the sky-god Anu (see link in comments).

I have also discussed how St. Peter's Basilica is based on the traditional Vedic stupa design having a dome (representing the Cosmic Egg), a harmika "bell tower" (representing the open mind of Buddha), a Cosmic Tree (representing the Buddhist "ushnisha" and evergreen tree), the "parasol" (representing the sacred mushroom) and topped by the Vedic trinity of the Moon, Sun and Venus (the "jewel"). Placed upon Vatican Hill, the entire construct is a symbolic reproduction of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and the original sacred mountain of the Rig-Veda, Mount Meru. (see link in comments)

And, I've explained how storms were associated with the appearance of sacred mushrooms in the early morning and how lightning strikes were anciently believed to deliver this "manna" to Earth. In a recent post, I extended this to include the kila stake or daggar (with its Vajra pommel) as a symbol of this lightning strike, relinking or "re-ligioning" Heaven and Earth. From this, I described how a life size version of the kila probably became the Vedic yupa pole used in an entheogenic ascension ceremony, later becoming the prime symbol of Christianity - the cross and crucifix. (see link in comments)

So, it is within this context that I find the timing of this lightning strike to be so ironic. It reveals the most ancient connection of the Catholic Church to its pagan Vedic roots. Constructed over a necropolis where Shiva-worshipping Etruscan Vaticinia once brewed an entheogenic wine to see into the future (the "Holy See"), the Roman Church was founded on this and Hebrew entheogenic rituals descended from the ancient shamanic worship of thunderstorm gods.

Still, I can't help but question a reality where something like this lightning strike occurs on the same day as a Pope resigns. It is as if the collective attention, or rather intention, of the world focused on the Vatican Basilica and somehow brought about this lightning strike. Perhaps it was manifest from some global epiphany - so long buried under the doctrines and dogma of the Church - that will now help humanity wake up and remember its Vedic roots. Roots firmly planted in astronomical resonance patterns, entheogenic communion, temple acoustics, music theory and harmonic geometry - all once central to spiritual awakening and the enlightenment of humanity.