Symbolism of Rosslyn Chapel's Ceiling

Notice that the cymatic patterns at left are arranged in a checkerboard.* This corresponds to the checkerboard floor pattern found in Masonic temples said to be a reproduction of the ground floor of Solomon's Temple. Some say this represents the duality of good and evil. Rosslyn's ceiling suggests the checkerboard symbolizes the duality of resonance vs. silence representing life and death.

Interestingly, a checkerboard pattern can be created by resonating a square plate at a certain harmonic frequency. Could it be that Solomon knew of this phenomena of vibration when he designed his temple? Could musical resonance be the inspiration behind his temple design, encoded in his esoteric system of pentacles or "keys" - especially the Second Pentacle of Venus in the form of a pentagram inside a circle, said to control the Spirits of Venus?

Might Vedic-inspired Hebrew temples like Rosslyn chapel have been designed according to the Venus Pentacle as a blueprint in order to invoke visions of the goddess by resonating the brain and body at a specific frequency, say after an entheogenic communion or during funerary rites?

* NOTE: The pattern groups in the ceiling are all multiples of 8, which is the number of Earth years required for Venus to trace out its orbital pentacle pattern in the sky.