Ba'al Sun Symbolism & Etymology

He wears a crown that looks very similar to the Rosslyn Meru tower etching posted earlier as well as the classical Vedic stupa (temple) design having a sphere or ball on top. It is for this reason that Ba'al is the probable origin for our English word "ball."


Worshippers of Ba'al in Canaan and Phoenicia were known to have wild festivals where they engaged in ecstatic cultic dance. In fact, one of Ba'al's epitaphs was "Lord of Dancing." It is from this tradition that we came to call a large dance a 'ball' and thus the words ballet and ballerina. When we have a really good time we have a ball. Any protuberance of the body is also called a ball, such as the ball of the foot.

From Ba'al's Vedic Meru headdress came all the crowns of history, from the pharaonic crown to the crown the Roman Pope wears on special occasions. It is a miniature reproduction of the sacred mountain of the Rig-Veda and is meant to contain the "ushnisha" protuberance of the Kundalini spirit emerging from the crown of an enlightened mahatma.

(ush = push)