The Harmonic Science of Vedic Cosmology

When I first learned that Venus traces an orbital rose pattern in the sky over eight years, I knew it must be due to the physics of resonance at work in the formation of the early solar system. Studying the spacing of the orbits, I found that a calm damping region in the solar heliosphere exists between Earth and Venus and that it corresponds to a logarithmic golden mean. Observing the same phenomena in the harmonic formation of a vibrating string, it is this damping region that appears to be responsible for the rose star orbital pattern of Venus.

In fact, this same rose star can be reproduced by vibrating a plate of sand or a cup of water using a musical 3:2 "perfect fifth" ratio. Known as the science of "cymatics," the reflection of harmonic waves within a container is what brings coherence and order to any vibrating medium. In the case of our solar system, gravity is the container and plasma was the medium long before it ever condensed into the planets. This is the real physics behind the Rig-Veda and the Pythagorean philosophy of Musica Universalis or "Music of the Spheres."

Biological life is no different, just on a smaller scale. Liquid water organizes itself into tetrahedral groups that form into icosahedral clusters and then larger pentagonal superclusters. Combined with Carbon-12, this geometry acts as a template for the organization of the liquid-crystal DNA molecule, clearly evident in an axial or top-down view of the helix. At the macro scale of life, this manifests in many ways from the seed pattern of an apple to the five plates of the human cranium.

Pentagonal geometry is how Nature most often organizes itself. This is because it is the path of least resistance and the most stable geometry, easily able to nest within itself. This in turn is due to the golden ratio constant found in the interference pattern of a pentagram. Each intersection of the pentagram is in fact a golden section while the golden ratio itself derives from the square root of five: (1+√5)/2 = 1.618033...

The mythology of Venus is as much about this divine proportion as it is its orbital pattern or solar transit. Awareness of this natural constant was known much earlier than historians will admit, built into temples and inspiring thoughts of God. For it was the study of harmony in nature that was the first Science and the patterns of resonance that were the first principles of Religion.