Origin of the Name "America"

In The Venus Blueprint, I discuss the mystery surrounding the name America. I point out that it has been attributed variously to the Catholic Church emissary Amerigo Vespucci, Welsh financier Richard Amerike and Viking Leif Erikson (Amt-eric and Ommerike). At the same time, there is also evidence of the New World having already had this name in the Amerrique mountains along the Mosquito Coast and as the Incan god Amaru whose land was called Amaruca.

My view is the name really preceded all of these instances as the Vedic Mount "Meru" in the Rig-Veda. This, I propose, came in the form of Amurru, the chief god of the Amorites in Canaan, which was carried to South America by ancient Phoenician mariners. For the detailed evidence to support this, I would refer you to The Venus Blueprint.

However, according to Richard Allan Wagner, author of The Lost Secret of William Shakespeare, the name "Merica" was also a cypher by Sir Francis Bacon. Amazingly, this fits in with my own findings, as you will discover in the following excerpts.

"An early Jewish sect known collectively as the Nasoreans, Essenes, and the Qumradians made reference to a perfect place on earth marked by a star they called “Merica.” Actually, the star is the planet Venus, which, next to the moon, is the brightest body in the night sky. According to the Nasoreans, Merica is a land of paradise that lay directly to the west under the 'blazing star.'"

*** NOTE: This corresponds to the relationship between Mount Meru and Vena/Shukra, the goddess of Venus in the Rig-Veda. This goddess is described as hovering over and protecting the sacred mountain of Meru. As I suggest in my book, America can then be viewed as a Vedic name from the Rig-Veda founded on the pentagonal "star" orbital pattern of Venus hovering over Mt Meru.

"It is believed that the Templar knights, in their excavation of the Temple Mount, discovered an abundance of Nasorean scrolls along with the meaning of the word “Merica.”* Francis Bacon, more than anyone, understood the word’s significance, and it is no coincidence that the name 'America' began to see common use during the years of the Virginia Company’s colonization.

Considering Bacon’s theme of using important unifying Kabbalistic numbers, it should come as no surprise that the word Merica adds up (in Bacon’s Reverse Cipher) to the number 103. Thus, there were 13 English colonies not by accident but by design—it was an important and consistent feature in Bacon’s overall scheme."

*** NOTE: There are exactly 103 "Green Man" carvings in Rosslyn Chapel. The number 103 is an important number as it pertains to Venus as there are 103 averaged lunar months in its 13:8 orbital resonance with Earth (link in comments). This is what creates the 5-point "star" pattern of Venus and the Venus Blueprint symbol used in Vedic temple design.

Machu Picchu, as a symbol of Meru in the land of Amaruca, could well have been the outermost colony of an ancient Vedic Empire.