Meaning of Magdalene

*** Painting by Luca Giordana, The Judgement of Paris. Notice the Star of Venus and son Eros (Cupid) overhead.

I would suggest that this story is related to the Magdalene cults in ancient Babylonia, India and France. As I've mentioned before, the root word "magdala" means "triple tower" corresponding to the goddess trinity Mary-Anna-Ishtar. These were the different faces of Vena (Venus) in the Rig-Veda who protected the sacred mountain of Meru, which is often represented as a tower or Ziggurat.

Thus, the Mesopotamian Mary, Inanna and Ishtar associated with Mt. Meru are likely equivalents for Hera, Athena and Aphrodite on Mt. Ida. The Golden Apple is the entheogenic fruit of ascension. All of these are then anthropomorphizations of the planet Venus originating in the Rig-Veda.