Spanish Bullfight Symbolism

Veronica - a maneuver in a Spanish bullfight where the matador stands in a fixed position while pulling his cape slowly away from the charging bull. Named after St. Veronica who was said to have wiped Jesus' brow during crucifixion. The name Veronica also translates as "true image" of Christ.

Bullfights were symbolic of Christianity killing the pre-Christian religions (particularly Babylonian Belor Ba'al) with their Vedic belief that Venus resurrects the Sun in Taurus.


These public slaying of bulls were a kind of propaganda to suppress the connection of the Christian resurrection story from its origins in astrology and the anthropomorphization of planets and plants into deities. Legends of slaying dragons were no different, as serpents were originally Vedic deities living in the sacred Mount Meru and associated with Venus/Sun fertility worship.