Experimental evidence of harmonics in human head geometry

Here are comments from two of Tom Roth's emails:

Your investigation into Vitruvian Man somewhat echos an analysis I did a few years ago on facial geometry, although mine is far less sophisticated than yours.

I began by morphing together 16 male faces together in order to arrive at a very generic face, using a program called Elastic Reality (unfortunately no longer available). See the attachment.

The striking things for me was that the head fits perfectly in a 4:3 rectangle which accomodates 2 interlocked circles creating the vesica piscis. The skull is a perfect half circle and the brows, eyes and nose fit very nicely inside the vesica. Also the lips fit perfectly between the 3rd and 4th horizontal lines.

So I thought I would overlay my generic guy over your "burning man" image by aligning the eyes. closely. Some of the alignments are quite startling. The fractal area perfectly encloses all the features. And the horizontal standing waves correspond perfectly with the musculature surrounding the eyes and mouth. Overall, the image is quite beautiful in the way the fractal design relates to the facial geometry. It's vaguely reminiscent of the 1950's masked super heros and Tutankhamen's golden mask. Undoubtedly, this simple analysis only scratches the surface and there is much more to be discovered here.

The overlays' transparency levels can be adjusted in the Layers palette in Photoshop.

The original photos were pinched from a book from 25 years ago called Heads by Alex Kayser who photographed dozens of bald people under identical conditions making it easy to compare apples with apples.