Fish Archetype for the Cycle of 5ths

In the diagram, the Cycle of Fifths is plotted as a series of dominant seventh chords across a highly coherent standing wave lattice. When these chords are then taken as a single figure, it is recognizable as the profile of a fish - namely a shark. Each fin occurs at triangular protrusions in the Cycle of Fifths with the prominent dorsal fin produced by the addition of two overlapping chords. While it may seem outrageous to claim such a connection, it is only natural given the evolution of fish in a wave laden environment.

Now, the idea that musical and biological structures might be related is not a popular idea in modern day science - especially as it relates to Darwinian evolution. This is due to the exclusion of harmonic concepts from the scientific method during the Enlightenment to avoid offending the Church. Nonetheless, harmonic formation certainly does guide the evolution and growth of life, as this diagram shows. Life is a material form of music.