The Harmonic Lattice

As low pressure areas form into spirals within this lattice, due to the Coriolis effect acting on a region of plasma, curved distortions called gravity wells form in the lattice. Within the spiraling plasma then resonate rings of matter spaced recursively according to the golden mean. Each smaller ring represents a next higher harmonic multiple of the prime frequency of the gravity well, creating a recursive 2D space +1D harmonically recursive Hilbert space.

In this way, space and energy are revealed to be intrinsically coherent, counterbalancing to damp and resonate into periodic and reflective standing wave systems. This process creates all periodic systems, such as planetary systems, atoms and life forms. As it concerns the evolution of life, the lattice provides a guide or template within which carbon and water can bond (or resonate) into the characteristic patterns of life.

While Darwinian evolution theory describes how different species adapt to their environment to survive, my next book, Harmonic Evolution, will describe how this adaptation process is guided by the primordial harmonic space lattice present underneath the crystallization process of carbon and water. The human body grows as a liquid crystal inside this lattice even as it adapts to the environment.