Physics of Consciousness


The Physics of Consciousness by Evan Harris Walker makes a great case for consciousness as a property of electrons 'quantum tunneling' through the brain. If you haven't heard of quantum tunneling, this is where the electrons in atoms are all the time blipping out in one location and blipping back in at another location without ever crossing the space in between. You probably know it as a 'quantum leap.'

This means that the particles in every atom of your body are disappearing and reappearing all the time. This is not just a wild theory. Quantum tunneling has been verified many times experimentally and is a known fact, though not many people really understand that this is how reality actually works. Bits and pieces of us are literally disappearing and reappearing all the time, only at a speed much faster than we are able to perceive. The truth is we're just not all here.

So where do these particles of us go? The Schwartzschild quantum lattice theory suggests that they go through tiny 'black holes' perforating space, passing through into some other dimension and then returning, something like a sewing machine. According to Walker, our consciousness is a result of this quantum stitching process, emerging as quantum interactions in the "cleft" of neural synapses that "collapse the wavefunction vector" many times a second to create self-awareness. Consciousness and "will" are then defined as electrons tunneling in and out of our space-time and bouncing back and forth inside our skull as a standing wave while skipping across our brain's neural net to convert possibility into reality. The choices for what will be real is made between the quantum of time the electrons disappear and reappear.

This means that mind or consciousness itself is not physical. Only the hosting hardware of our brain - a carbon-12 and salt water resonator - is physical. From this it seems that consciousness can be defined as 1) an electrical current that is only about half here, 2) our brain is a quantum antenna that resonates in the space lattice like a crystal to transceive and focus the consciousness current and 3) our body is a robotic extension designed to sustain and respond to this electrical 'stream of consciousness.' In other words, we are a puppet being operated remotely using electricity as wires!

The vastness of space (as described in my Ultra Deep Field post) in no way diminishes the importance of consciousness or life. Electrons are by definition eternal, since energy is neither created nor destroyed, and entangled with all space since the moment of creation. Some part of who we are -- the 'will', 'passion' or 'soul' -- is thus eternal and spread throughout the entire universe as well, though what this means for our 'eternal identity' remains difficult to determine. The Physics of Consciousness is an excellent book and, I think, complementary to my book describing the harmonic physics behind perception (the physical process prior to consciousness).

One last point: Since electricity is everywhere, isn't intelligence everywhere? And wouldn't God be electricity?