Many point to the physics of black holes as the answer because at the event horizon of a black hole harmonic rings of light form. If we reduce this to the quantum level, we can explain the formation of atomic and subatomic particles as harmonic nodes on the event horizon of quantum-sized "Schwartzschild" black holes. Known as the Schwartzschild lattice, space would then be perforated by tiny imploding black holes that trap light and weave it into knots of matter. This diagram describes the process by which this occurs.

Known as "heterodyning", new waves can be created by an infinitely recursive process of combining waves. Physicist Salvatore Giandinoto has shown in his paper "Incorporation of the Golden Ratio Phi into the Schrodinger Wave Function using the Phi Recursive Heterodyning Set" that harmonics emerge from a Phi Eigenvector through a process similar to unraveling a Fibonacci spiral. Here we see this unraveling process following the Fibonacci series backward toward 1:1 as it torques out of the golden section of a reflected medium. Part of the Fibonacci series forms a damping well (Landau damping) and the other part forms harmonic waves.

Thus, formation of harmonic wave partials in any standing wave (an atom, a solar system, a guitar string, a column of air, a living body, etc.) can be described as a recursion toward or heterodyning from the Golden Ratio Phi. Furthermore, this process is a function intrinsic to a Schwartzschild field of black holes permeating the universe - including our brain and very thoughts. This is the path back to wherever we came from.